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  • Move Out Procedures

  • All thirty day notices must be received in writing.  Thirty day notices by telephone will not be considered.

    Click the [Download] button below to get the Thirty Day Notice Form:

    • Upon giving written notice of intention to vacate the premises, rent shall become immediately due and payable for the entire notice period up to and including the final date of occupancy as stated in the notice, and such notice shall be valid only if accompanied by the rental payment due.    
    • Once notification has been submitted, tenant should schedule an appointment with the property manager for a walk-through. Contact our office at 619-233-3852 at least 7 days prior to move out. 
    • The premises and property shall be restored to the same condi­tion as existed at the commencement of the lease as evi­denced by the state­ment of condition of premises, the inventory and any other such statement referenced in the Lease and Rental Agreement.  Costs of labor and materials for cleaning, repairs, replace­ments and eradication of damages (ex­cepting normal wear and tear) will be deducted from the Security Depos­it.  If damages exceed the amount of the security deposit, tenant shall be responsible to reimburse the landlord for all additional costs to restore the premises and property to the same condition as existed upon tenant's first occupancy of said premises and property. 

    Security Deposit

    • A security deposit cannot be applied to the last month’s rent. 
    • A final or estimated itemized move-out statement will be mailed to the tenant within 21 days after possession of the unit is transferred to Lamden Property Management, Inc. 

    If you have any questions contact our office at (619) 233-3852