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  • Fifth Avenue Apartments & Commercial, Hillcrest - San Diego, CA

  • Property Summary

    Area and Location: 

    This property is located on the 3600 block of 5th Avenue between Pennsylvania Avenue and Brookes Avenue.  The neighborhood is located east of downtown and is known as Hillcrest.  The complex is within walking distance of many stores and restaurants. 

    Site Description: 

    The property contains four buildings, which include a single story commercial building, a two-story structure with 4 apartments and two single-family residences. 


    Current zoning is C (Commercial).  Request copy of zoning by-law. 


    The commercial building that is improved with a fully equipped commercial kitchen restaurant dining room and restrooms.  It also has a patio, porch and exterior entrance with wheel chair access.  

    The apartment are individually unique and are improved with a kitchen, a living room/dining room and bedroom.  They have restored hardwood floors and original ceramic tile in kitchen and bathroom.  Three units have recently remodeled kitchens with cabinets, counters and appliances.        


    The commercial building was built in 1935.  The building is of wood frame and stucco construction.  The façade is improved with painted stucco and an awning.  The foundation is concrete perimeter and a concrete slab.  The building has a tar and gravel roof.  

    The apartments were built in the 1930’s.  The building is of wood frame and stucco construction.  The foundation is of concrete perimeter and the building has a gravel and Spanish title roof cover.  The interior walls and ceilings are constructed of plaster. 


    The commercial building has heat and air conditioning throughout.  The building is improved with 240 volt, three phase power capacity with various sub panels and a security system. 

    The apartments and houses have gas furnaces and are separately metered for utilities.