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  • Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA

  • Property Summary

    Area and Location: 

    The property is located 1350 Long Beach Boulevard, on the southeast corner of 14th Street and Long Beach Boulevard in the City of Long Beach.  The neighborhood is situated between the Downtown Central Business District and the Wrigley district of Long Beach and is adjunct to Signal Hill.  The area is of mixed residential, light industrial and commercial uses. 

    Site Description: 

    The property consist of a one story without mezzanine, Class “C” commercial building.  The building contains approximately 15,004 square feet of usable space, including 8,000 square feet or 53% of retail floor, the remaining 7,004 is behind counter parts storage, a small office area, restroom and open stock area.  


    Current zoning is CN-1-2(commercial neighborhood zone).  Request copy of zoning by-law.  


    The façade is improved with a stylistic, geometric open metal frame awning with a large lighted sign. 

    The interior improvements are of drywall construction with drop acoustical ceilings, commercial grade vinyl tile floor covering and mounted fluorescent lights.  

    The building is improved with approximately 117 feet of expandable interior security gating and a security camera system, aluminum frame windows and a security system. 


    The structure was built in 1995.  The building is of concrete block.  The foundation is a concrete slab and the building has a wood truss roof with a rolled composition roof cover. 

    Parking lot is paved with an asphalt lot for approximately 57 automobiles. 


    The structure has a gas fired central heat and air conditioning for interior climate control.