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  • Charles and Gertrude Lamden came to San Diego, California in 1945 and began purchasing San Diego investment property in approximately 1955. Charles, a Ph.D. in economics, practiced as a Certified Public Accountant, but his first love was teaching. He served as Dean of the School of Business at San Diego State College. His wife, Trudy, also a Certified Public Accountant, understood the importance of planning for and investing in the future. Her interest in real estate began with the purchase of a 4-plex as an income producing residence for her aging parents. Spurred by her ambitions, one investment led to another and a small core of reasonably leveraged income properties began to emerge and to perpetuate itself. What began as a small group of well located “fixer uppers” has, with the foresight and astute financial management of the founders, become an impressive mixed portfolio of office, retail and residential locations spanning from Southern California to the Hawaiian Islands.

    The major acquisition of the Centre City Building, a Downtown San Diego landmark put these two entrepreneurs in the spotlight of San Diego real estate investment in the early 1980s. Continued exchanges and acquisitions have brought LFT Properties to a substantial position poised for continued growth.

    Bill Lamden, son of Charles and Trudy, has been involved in the management and operation of this growing group of Real Estate investments since the mid 1980s. Under his guidance, Lamden Property Management, Inc. was formed to manage the day-to-day activities of residential and commercial properties.  A full time staff of highly qualified individuals provide complete property management services, including leasing, maintenance and janitorial.

    Lamden Property Management, Inc. staff is always available to respond to your inquiries regarding residential renting and leasing, office leasing, retail leasing and the purchase and sale of real estate.